CDR Phased Rollout

November 11, 2019

needed a cheat sheet for what data is mandatory to share and what is voluntary for next stage of CDR roll-out (Feb to Jul 2020). The CDR will have a positive impact on consumer choice, but it will take time to get to full coverage. In the meantime, many reputable businesses use alternate data collection methods to deliver unique, secure and compelling services to their customers. As Australia builds a fully functioning CDR let's not penalise the early innovators.

Deleted is not Forgotton

September 24, 2019

The obligation to delete in the Australian Consumer Data Right is not the same as the GDPR Right to be Forgotten.   The Regulator's intentions are sound, but the pressure to get something into the Rules risks giving Australia a half-baked solution.

Consumer Data Right Two Step

August 5, 2019

I am excited to learn the Consumer Data Right has become real in Australia. But, the fine details matter! Are we at risk of creating an unlevel playing field by the proposed 'obligation to delete'? This doesn't appear to be the same as a 'right to be forgotten'.

Consumer Data Right

June 18, 2019

A quick visualisation of the draft Consumer Data Right Rules. "Data" and "consumer" figure prominently, as expected. Does the relative emphasis on "holder" (of data), "recipient" and "consent" suggest the regulatory balance is tilting away from innovation, competition and consumer power?


June 13, 2019

The ‘nothing to hide’ argument to an erosion of privacy raises a few problems. Firstly, it’s based on a narrow definition of privacy; a right to keep secrets – only criminals need to keep secrets. The ‘no junk mail’ sign on letterboxes suggests people might expect privacy to include a right to not receive unwanted advertisement. Secondly, algorithms build very detailed impressions of people from small bits of information we all happily share. These digital mosaics are analysed to find...

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