Blending maths, law, and technology to transform how We use financial services

  • Articles covering fair AI, privacy, consent, open data, responsible lending and wealth management
  • A member of CFA Society Sydney
  • Limited-edition achievement recognizing early members of Workfolio
  • An expert in open data, risk management, wealth management, and leveraged investments.
  • Considerable experience using technology


Julie McKay, CFA
Maths is the universe's language. Law codifies acceptable behaviour. Technology brings ideas into the real world. My skill is finding the practical synergies that will transform financial services.
I create strategies for financial services to adapt to innovation, regulation, data, analytics, and privacy and to manage risk across lending, advice and wealth.


  1. -
    Financial Crimes Risk Analyst L1, Commonwealth Bank of Australia

    Working within the Institution Banking and Markets Business Unit

  2. -
    Chapter Lead, FData Australia and NZ
  3. -
    Strategy and Pricing AU & NZ, Manager, Equifax

    Develop business and product strategies that address the data, analytics and compliance requirements of customers (financial institutions, utilities, telecoms, and corporate segments) covering credit risk, debt management, digital identity, AML/KYC, fraud and marketing


    • Developed open data (Consumer Data Right) strategy and was spokesperson with regulator and across industry
    • Engaged fintech community to explore innovative solutions and services
    • Conducted innovation cross-functional workshops
    • Formulated Growth Playbook 3-year strategy
    • Mapped strategies for adapting to financial services disruption in identity, distributed big data and collaborative analytics
    • Built brand through opinion articles and industry events covering fair AI, privacy, consent, open data, and responsible lending

    Equifax powers the financial future of individuals and organizations around the world. Using the combined strength of unique trusted big data, technology, and innovative analytics. Business lines include credit originations and decisioning, credit portfolio management, debt management, fraud and AML/KYC, identity, and marketing analytics.

  4. -
    Technical and Research, Senior Manager, Bendigo and Adelaide Bank

    Use in-depth understanding of wealth management (asset allocation, planning strategies, superannuation, self-managed super, risk management and pricing, and estate and tax planning) to create products, tools, stories, and strategies that can be understood and delivered to a broad range of clients and their advisers.


    • Regularly contributed to ASX newsletter, industry publications such as the Financial Standard and IFA magazine and the Australian Financial Review
    • Presented at industry conferences and adviser professional development events
    • Reduced loss-given loan default rates by adapting standard loan and collateral terms for complex borrower arrangements
  5. Admitted as Lawyer (NSW)
  6. Chartered Financial Analyst
  7. Juris Doctor, University of Technology
  8. -
    Wealth Finance Products, Head of, Leveraged Equities

    Build and manage wealth finance products including margin loans, warrants, investment loans (capital protected) and equity short selling


    • Completed product due diligence on an acquisition that doubled loan book
    • Managed integration of acquired loan book including product documentation, customer transition and, training for sales and service teams
    • Advised Government on new margin loan regulations
    • Changed products and procedures to comply with new regulations including product disclosure, licensing, responsible lending and other reforms including, Personal Property Securities Register, Unfair Contracts Act, National Consumer Credit Code, AML/KYC, and Privacy

    Leveraged Equities is a subsidiary of Bendigo and Adelaide Bank. It is one of the first and longest continually operating margin lending specialists in Australia.

  9. Structured Investment Products, Head of, Adelaide Managed Funds

    Grow funds under management by building and distributing structured investment funds suitable for sophisticated and high net investors including self-managed superannuation funds


    • Launched first equity-linked fund distributed through retail channel
    • Conceived and coordinated build of capital protected commodity fund. Exposure comprised softs, metals, and energy commodity futures, overlaying algorithmic allocations with qualitative adjustments.
    • The bank exited the business prior to launching the fund due to the Global Financial Crisis and resulting merger between Bendigo Bank and Adelaide Bank


    • Adelaide Managed funds was a subsidiary of Adelaide Bank
    • Adelaide Bank was predominately a wholesale bank partnering with domestic banking, broking and advisory businesses
    • Merged with Bendigo Bank as a result of the Global Financial Crisis
  10. Structured Equity Products, General Manager, Commonwealth Bank of Australia


    Grow funds under management by building and distributing closed-end capital protected equity investments and listed warrants suitable for retail customers


    • Built and launched funds under the Capital Series including exposures to China, BRICs, Japan and Indian equities
    • Expanded distribution of investments through bank retail channels including ComSec
    • Opened distribution of equity-linked notes to local government
  11. Mathematics and Finance, Postgraduate Diploma, University of Technology, Sydney

    It's never too late to express a love of maths

  12. Operations Manager, CoSight Capital

    Responsibilities included managing procedures, controls, and systems required to process trades, monitor risk, produce management information and client reports and regulatory compliance.


    • Built model and processes to fairly allocate futures transactions across clients' trading accounts
    • Conducted due diligence on external fund managers


    • CoSight Capital was established by ex-Managing Director of Bank of America Australia
    • Commodity Trading Adviser (CTA licensed through the Australian Securities Exchange) with a multi-manager strategy
    • Strategies generally categorised as global-macro using internationally traded futures
    • Client base predominately high net worth individuals and trusts throughout Asia
    • Eventually sold to a local broking firm
  13. Regional Corporate Cash Management, Advisor, Bank of America | Hong Kong

    Manage and distribute cross border cash and treasury management products and services for regional corporations and financial institutions

  14. Corporate Cash Management, Advisor, Bank of America | Australia
  15. Treasury Officer, Burns Philps

    Manage and execute foreign exchange transactions

    "The fastest way to learn is to make mistakes - but it's not pleasant being on the wrong side of a FX trade!"

  16. Bachelor of Commerce, University of Queensland

    We all need a solid foundation

Experience Highlights

  • Strategy and Innovation | Equifax
    a journey into open data, privacy, big data, identity, ai and consent
  • Strategy and Governance with CEO | Commonwealth Bank
    a practical mba with some of the most experienced bankers and executives in australia
  • Making soft commodities accessible to average investors | Bendigo and Adelaide Bank
    the asset class that all Australians should have in their portfolios but can't get

Education Highlights

  • Juris Doctor
    Law; it's own logic
  • Postgraduate Diploma, Maths and Finance
    Reconnecting with forgotten passion
  • Charted Financial Analyst
    only those who have completed it understand the commitment it takes


  • Consent, Privacy and Trust
    consent works in analog. it may not be practical for people engaging in the digital world
  • Connecting people to their financial future
    People don't get excited about financial literacy - it's boring. the conversation needs to change


  • financial services and wealth
  • explaining complexity
  • strategy
  • regulation
  • dLt, ai


CDR Phased Rollout

needed a cheat sheet for what data is mandatory to share and what is voluntary for next stage of CDR roll-out (Feb to Jul 2020). The CDR will have a positive impact on consumer choice, but it will take time to get to full coverage. In the meantime, many reputable businesses use alternate data collection methods to deliver unique, secure and compelling services to their customers. As Australia builds a fully functioning CDR let's not penalise the early innovators.


Sydney, Australia

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